Today in Cloud

Over at The Register, Dan Olds takes IBM to task over the company’s suggestion that the cloud can be more secure than your own data center. The trigger was a statement attributed to IBM’s Harold Moss, reproduced in a blog post. Moss apparently said that “there’s a misconception that cloud is less secure than traditional IT environments… The cloud can actually be more secure.” Given that survey after survey flags cloud security as “a concern” for CIOs, there’s certainly a need for explicit assertions such as Moss’. The cloud need not be less secure than traditional IT, and often isn’t. The cloud can be more secure. Olds has a point too, though, when he remarks that “Cloud providers have to put real skin in the game and provide explicit and specific guarantees on security and availability to convince enterprises that this is a valid choice for critical processing.” We know the cloud can be cost-effectively secure; prove it and give us the evidence to let us shout it from the rooftops.