Surprised? Survey Suggests Oracle Bad for Open Source

Open source database vendor EnterpriseDB is taking the fight to database market leader Oracle (s orcl) via a survey showing that respondents generally don’t trust Oracle on prices, think Oracle is bad for Java and don’t really like Larry Ellison. Although EnterpriseDB acknowledges the survey — which was answered by more than 600 JavaOne conference attendees — is unscientific, the results do seem to mirror the thoughts on Oracle that pop up again and again in the IT press. And the infographic is fun.

I would note, however, that numbers can be deceiving. While only a small number actually think Oracle’s lawsuit against Google will be bad for Java, 35 percent of respondents actually think open source projects will thrive under Oracle, 38.4 percent expect their NoSQL prices to remain the same, and neither Steve Jobs (26.6 percent) nor Bill Gates (26 percent) fared too well on the dunk tank question either.

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