ClipUpload: Easily Share Your Clipboard

Ever thought how neat it would be if you could quickly upload whatever was on your clipboard to a server somewhere, either to share with your team or to save for later use? That’s exactly what ClipUpload does. It’s an open-source Windows (s msft) utility that makes sharing the contents of your clipboard a snap. It’s designed to upload your clippings to an FTP server, but if you don’t have easy access to one, or you don’t want to use FTP, it can also upload to Imgur (for images) and Pastebin (for text and code snippets).

ClipUpload sits in your system tray. You  configure it by clicking on the icon, which brings up a window that enables you enter your FTP settings (if you wish to use FTP); you can also set Pastebin and Imgur upload options here and see a log of uploaded files. To upload the contents of your clipboard, just right-click on the icon, which presents you with a context menu giving you upload options: FTP and either Imgur or Pastebin, as appropriate. Once uploaded, ClipUpload places a link to the uploaded file in your clipboard, which then makes it easy to share the file with your colleagues.

I can imagine ClipUpload being very useful for members of distributed teams, particularly for research tasks. By uploading clippings to a shared FTP directory or to a specific Pastebin subdomain (which can be specified in ClipUpload’s settings), team members can quickly and easily share snippets of text, URLs and images from a central repository. Additionally, you could combine ClipUpload with a clipboard management app like Ditto (see my review here) to have a clipboard that can store multiple items and then upload any of them to a sever in just a couple of clicks.

ClipUpload can be downloaded from Sourceforge. It’s a portable app, so it doesn’t need to be installed.

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