Charlie Sheen’s Korner Already Raking In the Dough

Think what you will about Charlie Sheen, but it looks like his new media reinvention is actually starting to rake in some big dough: A spokesperson for confirmed today that Sheen is making “six figures” with his sponsored tweets, and new numbers from Ustream show that his live video appearances continue to attract substantial audiences.

Sheen tweeted on Monday that he is looking for a “winning intern with #Tigerblood.” The tweet was an ad for, and to date, it generated more than 423,000 click-throughs. clocked 95,333 clicks in the first hour, and today said that it has received 74,040 applications for the position.

The results of Charlie Sheen's first sponsored tweet. Image courtesy of has been running sponsored tweets with a number of celebrities, including 50 Cent, Snoop Dog and Kim Kardashian. The company usually doesn’t reveal how much it pays per tweet, but Sheen published a strategy phone call on Ustream on Monday that reveals he is getting “six figures” for the endorsement. An spokesperson told GigaOM today that this information “is accurate.”

Meanwhile, Sheen is continuing to publish live and archived videos on Ustream without much of a schedule. On Tuesday night, he went on the live streaming site to diss many of his former Hollywood business partners. The appearance featured Sheen by himself, talking straight into the camera, a departure from the talk show format he used for his Ustream debut this weekend.

Sheen’s team had originally announced that he would be back for another live episode on Saturday. He was still able to gather a significant audience, despite the change in schedule. A Ustream spokesperson told us that yesterday’s broadcast clocked 260,176 live views during the eight-minute segment. The total viewcount of the clip, including archived views, reached 839,000 by noon today. Part of that success may have to do with the fact that Ustream featured an ad for Sheen’s stream on the homepage yesterday. Ustream’s spokesperson didn’t want to reveal whether or not Sheen paid for the ad.

It’s still unclear what exactly Sheen’s plans are for the show, which is run as a joint venture between the actor and Wytv, a live streaming production company that was co-founded by the former AOL (s aol) CEO Barry Schuler and Hollywood producer Brad Wyman. Schuler wrote this weekend in a blog post that Wytv will be the next HBO (s twx), thanks to Sheen.

However, the actor himself has been sending mixed messages about the collaboration. Earlier this week, he bashed Wytv’s show format ideas, and on last night’s show, he said: “Sheen’s Korner is now for sale as a sports bar.” Whatever that means, it’s likely to bring in more money for Sheen.

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