Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral By Mocking All Viral Videos

Puppies, dancing babies, a double rainbow, a kick in the groin: That’s the stuff that makes videos go viral — and the newest Smartwater video featuring Jennifer Aniston has it all. Check it out below:


The video is a fun, self-referential stab at online video memes, with Aniston being told by a crew of “three lovely Internet boys” how to go viral. One of these tips includes bringing dozens of cute puppies on stage, another one has Aniston kicking a random guy in the groin, complete with the comment: “Sorry, apparently that’s worth about a 100,000 hits.”

The clip is actually pretty funny, and it’s working: Smartwater (s ko) launched the video on Monday and has since clocked more than 2.5 million views. It’s the most popular video on YouTube (s goog) today, and it will likely rack up millions more views before the end of this week.

We’ve written before about the fact that traditional one-off viral video hits are starting to fall out of fashion, finding themselves replaced in the YouTube charts by music videos and professionally produced chart-toppers like the Songify videos. Aniston’s clip could be seen as another indicator that some memes are now so mainstream that they only grab our attention when taken over the top.

Then again, you could also see it as proof that some things just always work. The clip has Aniston asking at the end: “What are we gonna call this video?” Her lovely Internet boys answer: “Jenn Aniston sex tape,” to which she replies: “I love it.” And so does the Internet, evidently.

Check out our interview with former Know Your Meme mastermind Jamie Wilkinson about the art of going viral below:


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