Google To Let Users Block Sites From Showing Up In Results

Still don’t think Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has done enough to downplay content from low-quality sites in its search results? You can now take matters into your own hands and block any site you wish from showing up in your search results, thanks to an update the company released today.

The move is the latest by Google in response to complaints that its results have become increasingly filled with content from so-called “content farms” and other low-quality sites. Two weeks ago, the company made a major update to its search algorithm in order to reduce the rankings of low-quality sites and provide higher rankings for sites with original content.

Since mid-February, the company had already been allowing users to block specific sites from showing up in their results but there were a lot of asetrisks involved since users had to have the Chrome browser and install a specific extension.

Under today’s update, when any user makes a search, clicks on a result, and then returns to Google (presumably frustrated that the page they visited wasn’t helpful enough) they will be able to click on a link that lets them block all results from the site they visited. The only caveat is that the user needs to have a Google account.

Google says it will take into account what sites users are blocking and possibly use it as a “signal” in determining its future search rankings.