Today in Social

Professional social network LinkedIn hosted a press conference today where it re-introduced some products (Screens, InMaps, Skills and Expertise) and showed off a new one, LinkedIn Today, for the first time. Today is designed to show a user the top stories of interest, based on what his LinkedIn contacts are sharing as well as what’s circulating in his profession and related ones. It presents a fairly good news curation system that doesn’t require any customizing by the user, unless he wants to follow sources like GigaOM or the Wall Street Journal. It uses StumbleUpon for serendipity. I’m more impressed by the already introduced Signals, that autofilters Twitter by contact on the user’s LinkedIn homepage, and enables faceted search by network, company, industry, and other categories. Matthew Ingram points out that daily news is a tactic for LinkedIn to increase usage frequency. Today will be rolled into LinkedIn’s iPhone app.