Some Apple Stores Opening Early Tomorrow for More iPad Sales

If you haven’t got an iPad 2 (s aapl) yet, but you want one, then check with your local Apple Store to see if they plan on opening early tomorrow in anticipation of a fresh new batch of shipments. New units are reportedly on their way to store shelves after stock ran dry over the weekend.

The report comes from disappointed customers who showed up at stores today only to be told to come back on Tuesday, when certain locations will open at 9 a.m. instead of the usual 10 a.m. start. Staff apparently also revealed that even if stores do have stock today, they won’t be selling new iPads until tomorrow. A call to the Walden Galleria Apple Store in Buffalo, N.Y. confirmed the early opening is indeed the case, although staff can’t guarantee¬†iPads will definitely be in stock at any given location. If you’re unsure about your own local store, a call should let you know whether or not they’re planning to open early.

Luckily, I’ve already got mine so I won’t be getting up early, but I’m curious to see how much more early demand exists after what may have been a million-unit opening weekend. Anyone think we’ll see lines again tomorrow?