Bestsellers: ‘Glee’ Songs Dominate Charts, But There’s A Twist This Week

A periodic look at digital content that is racing up the charts.

It’s no secret that Glee has a been huge hit on TV and on the music charts — it is consistently one of Fox’s top-ranked shows and its songs usually do well on Apple’s iTunes top 10. But until now, the show’s songs have all been covers — of artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and the Beatles. This week, the producers of Glee decided to break out with some songs of their own — five of them. How did the original tunes fare on the charts? Even better than the covers did this week. In all, the show had six of the iTunes top-10 slots as of late Thursday — two days after the show aired.

One of the original songs, “Loser Like Me” (embedded below), debuted at number one, while the other two, “Get It Right” and “Hell To The No,” came in at number two and eight, respectively. (The covers were: “Raise Your Glass” by Pink, at number four; “Blackbird” by the Beatles, at five; and “Misery” by Maroon 5, at seven.)

iTunes isn’t the only chart Glee is dominating. It’s currently — and is usually — the most popular show on Hulu.

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