Today in Social

The long-awaited New York Times paywall goes live in the US on March 28. Canada gets to iron out bugs starting today. In order to avoid killing its traffic and remain a big part of online news conversation, as previously announced, users get free access up to a point: 20 articles a month or 5 search-driven articles a day. Otherwise it’s $15 for four weeks for phone and PC access, $20 for tablet, or $35 for everything. No crossword puzzles; they’re extra. By my calculations, that’s $195 a year (check soon for early bird discounts) which is $40 more than I pay for the Wall Street Journal online, but cheaper than what the Times charges for Kindle access. A formal Journal publisher thinks the Times will generate an incremental $100 million a year. Free Journal access is more restricted, but it can also charge higher ad rates for paid users (and it doesn’t get them all from corporate accounts either.) Matthew Ingram doesn’t like paywalls much, and suggests better ways for media companies to compete online. And here’s my manifesto again.