How to Remaster Your DVDs With Custom Options

When traveling on a long trip, or just any time that the kids are restless, the last thing you want to deal with sitting through movie trailers and DVD menus.  Wouldn’t it be great if the movie would simply start playing as soon as the DVD was inserted? That’s exactly what remastering a DVD can do for you.  One of the best solutions for remastering your DVDs on a Mac (s aapl) is Metakine’s DVDRemaster Pro.  With DVDRemaster Pro you can isolate only the movie, remove all menus, remove subtitles and optional audio tracks, and basically re-create the DVD with exactly the content way you want it to play.

Creating the Remastered Copy

Backing up your DVD onto your hard drive is the first thing you will need to do, and with a program called RipIt, it is as easy as inserting the DVD into your Mac and clicking a button.  Once your DVD is on your hard drive, to remaster your DVD with just the movie file, all you need to do is:

  1. Download, install and launch DVDRemaster Pro.
  2. Click on the Source icon in DVDRemaster Pro’s toolbar and navigate to the location where you extracted the DVD to with RipIt.
  3. In the drop-down labeled mode, select “Movie Only.”  DVDRemaster Pro also does a pretty good job at selecting the correct title, as it is typically the longest running title on the DVD.
  4. Select a destination and file name.
  5. Click on the green start button.

I typically do not use compression and therefore can utilize the fast compression mode.  I do leave “Remove UOPs” selected, even though it is rather pointless when remastering to just the movie only. If you’re going to be picking and choosing which options you leave in, make sure to check this box, too. UOPs are User Operations Prohibited locks, like the ones that prevent you from fast forwarding through the FBI warning, etc.

Burn Back To Disc

At this point you have the necessary files that will let you burn back to a DVD with no trailers, no menus, just the movie.  For this task, use Roxio’s Toast Titanium to burn the VIDEO_TS folder back on to a DVD as follows:

  1. Download, install and launch Toast.
  2. Select the Video tab in Toast and select VIDEO_TS folders.
  3. Use the Finder to drag and drop the folder you created in DVDRemaster Pro into Toast.
  4. Insert a Blank DVD-R or DVD-R DL (depending on the size needed) and click the red burn button.

And that’s it, from DVD to hard drive and back to DVD again.  Remastered for quick and easy playback at the times when you need it most.