PHOTOS: Better Place Gearing Up for Israel Launch

Better Place, the electric car infrastructure startup founded by Shai Agassi, has spent the past three years talking about its vision of selling electric car miles like cell phone minutes, accompanied by a network of chargers and battery swap stations. Now it’s getting ready to deliver in one of its first markets: Israel. This week, Better Place unveiled some details of its Israeli network — which will be launched later this year — and held a media event to show off the battery swap station.

Better Place will build out 40 battery swap stations by the end of this year, and the first nine will be in Hadera, Modi’in, Mahanaim, Mitzpeh Ramon, Be’er Sheva, Yavne, Beit Shean and Bilu Junction. The company says it has 400 agreements with parking lot owners to install thousands of charging stations, and 200 are under construction now.

The best parts of any media hullabaloo are the photos. I grabbed these from a company exec’s flickr feed:

More photos here.