paidContent Week In Review: Google Books; Color App; Journalism Online

In case you missed it, links to some of the top stories in digital media this past week:

»  What The Collapse Of The Google Books Deal Really Means

»  Color Splash: Gawkers Still Flocking As App Gets Slammed, News API Planned

»  Price Tag For Journalism Online Could Go As High As $45 Million

»  How The NYT’s Paywall Compares To Those Of Other Big Papers

»  Hedge Fund Is Betting That Twitter Is Wall Street’s Crystal Ball

»  Sulzberger: App Sales Prove News Consumers Are Willing To Pay

»  What The Road To 4G Will Look Like

»  Howard Stern Is Sirius-ly Ticked About His Pay Package

» Relaunches EveryBlock As A Social Network For The Neighborhood

»  UK Times Plans Upgrade To Its ‘Berlin Wall’

»  Why I Won’t Pay For ‘The Daily’ And I Will Pay For The Digital ‘NYT’

»  A Liveblog Of The Q&A With AT&T Executives On The T-Mobile Offer

»  WSJ Launching Single-Issue Downloads For iPad