The Morning Lowdown 03-28-11

»  The metered pay model kicks off in the U.S. today and the plan’s most dangerous foe: Perception (paidContent)

»  The Atavist is “a tiny curio of a business that looks for new ways to present long-form content for the digital age.” (David Carr)

»  Tina Brown’s plans for remaking Newsweek. (The Guardian)

»  It’s an “ad within an ad within a TV show for Univision novela. (AdAge)

»  Bill Keller vs openness and transparency (Felix Salmon/Reuters)

»  Online video programs remix promotional tactics to draw regular audiences. (WSJ)

»  Search-neutrality? Can Google’s algorithm substitute editorial judgment? (Future of Journalism)

»  IPad 2 sellout sequel: this time it’s global. (Digital Daily)

»  The “implicit social graph.” (AVC)

»  The ethical quandary for social sites. (NYT)