Accellion Offers Secure File Sharing For the Enterprise

Dropbox and have long been favorites of the team here at WebWorkerDaily, they make sharing large files with others a snap, and also work on a number of mobile devices. Thanks to their ease of use compared with clunky traditional file-sharing systems or FTP, these apps are also growing in popularity within the enterprise, too. But their use can give corporate IT departments headaches, particularly with regards to data security and regulatory compliance. Accellion, a provider of secure file transfer solutions, has announced Accellion Secure Collaboration, a new product that aims to bring easy Dropbox-style file sharing and collaboration to the enterprise, while also providing IT with the tracking and control to ensure data security and demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and FDA requirements.

The Accellion Secure Collaboration product should seem very familiar to anyone who has used or Dropbox. It provides secure workspaces where users can share files with both internal and external parties, complete with the ability to assign access privileges, share comments and track document versions. Files and folders of up to 100Gb can be transferred, and can also optionally be encrypted for added security. Mobile access is catered for, with an iPhone/iPad app (s aapl) (available late April), and BlackBerry (s rimm) and Android (s goog) apps also in the works. Plug-ins are also available for SharePoint and Outlook.

A range of deployment options is offered, including virtual server, cloud (via EC2 (s amzn)), hybrid cloud and on-premise appliance. Cost varies, but for smaller customers is likely to be in the region of $100 per user per year (dropping substantially for larger volumes). The Secure Collaboration product is available as an upgrade for existing Accellion customers. You can request a trial or run a demo here.