Apple Releases New Version of OS X Lion Developer Preview

Apple (s aapl) made available a new update of Mac OS X Lion to developers late Wednesday. The preview is the second version of OS X Lion to be released to registered Mac developers for testing. The new version is build 11A419, while the previous build used the identifier code 11A390.
It’s not yet clear what the new build brings to the table. We detailed some changes coming in OS X Lion in a previous posts, and reports suggest that a number of stability improvements must be made to the OS before it sees general release, so presumably some  those are included in this update.
Apple is said by some to be approaching the GM candidate release, which immediately precedes the arrival of a public shipping version. OS X Lion is slated for release this summer, possibly as early as the WWDC conference scheduled for June 6 – 10. At the very least, we’ll likely see a version of the OS much closer to wide release previewed at that event.