Today in Cleantech

I’m going to lean pretty heavily on the New York Times this morning, since it just released an energy special edition covering a lot of important ground (and we won’t be able to read it for free for much longer). First, there’s a recap of President Barack Obama’s energy speech yesterday, complete with an assessment of the Administration’s shrinking green energy goals, all the way from comprehensive climate change regulations (now off the table) to a watered-down proposal for a federal clean energy standard. We’ve also got a lot of stories about green transportation, including coverage of the latest work on electric vehicle batteries, another article citing the barriers to more widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles (the infrastructure isn’t there yet), and the concurrent work on building more efficient internal combustion engines. We’ll need them all, and then some, to meet Obama’s call for the U.S. to drastically cut its dependence on imported oil  — a Presidential promise we’ve been hearing since Nixon. On a side note, there’s also an article on the latest data about cellphone radiation and human brain activity, which may inform debate on the question of wireless smart meters and whether or not they present risks to human health.