EyeTV Gets AirPlay Support for DIY TV Everywhere

If, like me, you eagerly comb the App Store (s aapl) for new apps that support AirPlay, an update to Elgato’s EyeTV iOS app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices Tuesday should have you excited. It brings AirPlay to the streaming video app, which lets you watch live or recorded TV from your cable or satellite box (or even from over-the-air broadcasts, see video below) on your iOS device.
AirPlay support in EyeTV means that, so long as you have hardware capable of running EyeTV on your computer (like the Elgato EyeTV HD, for instance), you’ll be able to take your home cable or satellite subscription with you wherever you go and view it on the big screen if you also have an Apple TV and a decent internet connection. At a hotel, for instance, you could hook up your Apple TV to the provided in-room television, and using either a 3G connection (if you have a lot of bandwidth) or Wi-Fi, watch live TV from your cable box at home, including all your subscribed channels, complete with the ability to record shows and change channels as you watch.
It’s a great way to get access to TV everywhere without waiting for your cable company to wise up and provide it themselves. I’ve even known people who’ve used similar setups to share cable connections between households, and AirPlay support lowers the hardware requirements for entry (you no longer need an actual computer on the receiving end). Or if a friend you’re visiting doesn’t get the game you want to watch, you could bring along your Apple TV and use your iPhone to watch it live.
Ideally, we’d be able to pay for on-demand access to live and archived content from wherever we are whenever we want. Since that future’s a long way off (if we’ll ever get there), this update to EyeTV provides a very nice best-fit solution in the meantime. Let us know how EyeTV AirPlay performance is working out for you in the comments if you’ve got the app.