Nimbula’s Cloud Software with EC2 Pedigree Finally Available

The flagship private-cloud software from Nimbula, a Mountain View, Calif.-based startup created by two of the driving forces behind Amazon EC2, is now available for purchase by the public. The product, called Nimbula Director, promises to give both service providers and traditional organizations an Amazon EC2-like infrastructure-as-a-service experience within their own data centers or even in hybrid environments. Nimbula is far from the only private cloud startup around, but it has attracted a lot of attention because its two founders, Chris Pinkham and Willem van Biljon, helped create the Amazon EC2 cloud that’s the focal point of Amazon Web Services.
Now that Nimbula Director is available as an official production release, Nimbula will have to compete for deals against cloud vendors that have been selling their software for considerably longer. Among its two primary competitors will be and Eucalyptus Systems, both of which have established impressive customer traction recently. Nimbula took a step toward making itself more appealing to paying customers last month when it launched a partner ecosystem that presently consists of Opscode, Puppet Labs, Scalr, enStratus and Cloud Cruiser. Nimbula launched at our Structure event last June, and raised $20.75 million in funding thus far.
Image courtesy of NASA.