Microsoft’s Bing Comes To The iPad

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is making its iPad debut with an app for its Bing search engine. The app, which is available today, features a strip across its front page showing weather, news, maps, movies information, and search trends, making it more than just a touch-friendly way to access the search engine and significantly different than Bing’s app for the iPhone, which was first released in late 2009.
Indeed, the trends feature, which lets users see a photo gallery representing what people are frequently searching for on a given day, is exclusive to the iPad app. Other features include a way to search by voice, save locations to check weather quickly in multiple cities, and a spiffy, visual way to see what’s playing in movie theaters.
This is the first app that Microsoft has made for the iPad. If the company’s strategy for launching iPhone apps is any indication, others will soon follow. After waiting nearly two years after the iPhone’s debut to launch its first app for the device, Microsoft has launched iPhone apps for a number of its products, including OneNote, Live Messenger, and Wonderwall.