The Mobile Lowdown 04-11-11: Verizon iPhone, Thunderbolt; Jobs Biography

Our look at some of the big stories today in mobile: the iPhone is the current best-seller at Verizon while some are murmuring about the HTC Thunderbolt keep a connection on Verizon’s LTE network; Steve Jobs’ biography; China Mobile and SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM) team up for mobile content; and Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) courts developers for the Nook.
Verizon: Two different stories coming out about devices on the Verizon network:
According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech (via Cellular News), the iPhone acconted for 30.1 percent of all sales at Verizon in the four weeks ending March 20, topping the charts for all handsets provided by the carrier.
It noted that in the U.S., in the period between June 13 and March 20, iPhone’s share has gone up by 6.1 percent to 27.2 percent. Android has been rising faster. In the same period, it went up 35.7 percent to end at 54.7 percent share in the smartphone market. All other OS’s declined in market share.
Meanwhile, another Verizon story making the rounds is that apparently some users are finding that the HTC Thunderbolt is having some trouble keeping its data connection on Verizon’s LTE network. IntoMobile reports that Verizon is planning to release a firmware update to fix the problem.
Steve Jobs: One of the most talked-about people in mobile technology, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs, will be the subject of an authorised biography. The AP reports that Simon & Schuster will be publishing iSteve: The Book of Jobs (yep, that’s not one pun, but two) in early 2012. Penned by Walter Isaacson, the book features interviews with the man himself — who is currently on a leave of absence from his day-to-day job — as well as family, colleagues and competitors.
SK Telecom/China Mobile: A big operator tie-up in Asia to focus on mobile content. SK Telecom of South Korea is partnering with China Mobile to develop mobile games as well as M2M technologies and services.
Judging from the joint press release, the deal so far seems to be a one-directional partnership: SK Telecom will be supplying China Mobile with mobile games for the Android platform — it will take games that it developed for its own portal and update them with Chinese instead of Korean text — as well as the M2M technology. Up to now, it says, China Mobile has concentrated on more simple games for feature phones, but it is expecting “rapid growth” on the Android platform and wants to quickly ramp up to meet the demand.
Barnes & Noble Nook: In the lead-up to launching a more tablet-like Nook Color device, the Nook team at Barnes & Noble has opened up some new services and resources for developers to “accelerate the deployment” of apps for the device.
The post on the Nook developers’ forum says that registered developers will now have access to more resources to develop and test apps for the device; ability to submit apps for distribution on the Barnes & Noble storefront; and marketing of the app both on the device as well as in retail locations.
Is the tablet ball now in Amazon’s court?