The Morning Lowdown 04-15-11

»  Less than three months after Comcast Corp. (NSDQ: CMCSA) took control of NBC Universal, NBCU’s new CEO, Steve Burke, is angling for sports deals and pushing a big shift in how the entertainment company would use them. (WSJ)
»  How much of an effect has the February debut of the long-awaited Verizon iPhone 4 had on Apple’s bottom line? Probably not as big a one as the Verizon iPhone 5. (Digital Daily)
»  Harman Family to Keep Its Stake in Newsweek (NYT)
»  Vadim Lavrusik leaves Mashable to become Journalism Program Manager at Facebook. (CNN)
»  Well-Meaning “Privacy Bill of Rights” Wouldn’t Stop Online Tracking. (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
»  The newsonomics of the digital cafeteria. (Ken Doctor/Nieman Lab)
»  Who Is More Trust-Worthy with Our Data: The Government or Big Companies? (Techcrunch)
»  Why You Might Choose to Be in Favor of Transparency (Seth Godin)