Memolane Launched Embeddable Web Activity Time Lines

Memolane, the social media aggregation startup, has launched an embeddable version of its social web activity timelines. This launch represents the first clear potential revenue source for the year-old startup, which left private beta last month.
Memolane pools together a user’s various social web identities from sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr (s yhoo), and Blogger (s goog) into one searchable timeline. The company — which has staff in San Francisco and Copenhagen, Denmark — has raised $2 million in venture capital from Atomico Ventures and August Capital. Because Memolane is such a uniquely visual product, it’s best understood by looking at it, so I’ve embedded Memolane’s corporate timeline into this post:

The code necessary to embed a Memolane timeline is so simple anyone could use it on a personal blog, but Memolane is┬áhoping this feature will be especially compelling to larger organizations, such as news publications, nonprofits, schools, and companies. Those entities could pay to have highly customized Memolanes on their official websites that catalog daily web activities — press releases, blog posts, Tweets, YouTube videos — in one coherent public stream. Memolane could start generating revenue by providing these more customized embeddable services to paying clients, CEO Eric Lagier told me in an interview last week.
Lagier is determined to avoid making money through targeted ads, which is how social networking giants such as Facebook and Twitter pull in cash. “We will not be using our customers’ data to make money,” he said.