Two-Way Media Financed By Ingenious To Make Social TV Games

TV games maker Two Way Media says it has done a “development and funding deal” from the Ingenious Media investment and advisory firm to fund a foray in to social TV games production.
Two Way already makes games for broadcast shows like X Factor, Play Your Cards Right and Britain’s Got Talent, playable on cable, satellite and IPTV platforms. It’s the latter which is set to explode, through new platform opportunities like YouView and all manner of emerging set top boxes and integrated systems from TV manufacturers.
Two Way and ingenious say their deal “focuses on Two Way’s social gaming and connected TV projects” and they will “share in the considerable commercial potential”
Ingenious already acquired Two Way back in 2007, so it’s not clear what this new deal is but it’s likely a capitalisation of Two Way in order to seek out this new opportunity.