Make Your Own Tesla Electric Car At Home

We got a sneak peek last week of Tesla’s (s TSLA) first interactive store, which opened up on Santana Row in San Jose, Calif. this weekend. In the store you can create your own customized Tesla Roadster with your favorite colors, trim, wheels and interior. Tesla’s now actually offering that same option on the web, and you can check out Tesla’s Design Studio, and make your own Tesla Roadster from the comfort of your own home.
The Design Studio’s got a whole bunch of nifty web 2.0 attributes, including using HTML5 (for interoperability) and social networking (so you can share the car with your friends), and you can see what your coveted Roadster looks like put against three different outdoor settings (see mine to the left). Tesla is at heart of Silicon Valley company, so having a bangin’ website is a must.
Also check out our video interview of the store we visited last week:
To hear more about Tesla’s next-generation car the Model S come to Green:Net tomorrow, where Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s Model S Programs Manager, will talk about the Model S launch next year.