Today in Social

Observers are digging into Yahoo’s first quarter results today. Modest 10 percent growth in display advertising – what Yahoo is really focused on these days – outshone disappointing results in search. Make that “disastrous” results, if you’re of Danny Sullivan’s opinion. Yahoo sort of blamed its search partner, Microsoft, who said things are still progressing. Note that, earlier, Google reported 19 percent growth in its AdSense business, which blends a little partner-based search and a lot of DoubleClick and contextually targeted display ads. (It doesn’t break out display ads on YouTube or its own sites.) Stripping out all of what Google calls TAC – traffic acquisition costs, or the ad revenues it shares back to its network partners – at $389 million (my math), Google’s AdSense revenues are inching closer to Yahoo’s total $471 million in ex-TAC display revenues. One positive note: Gannett said its Yahoo partnership was helping drive 28 percent digital ad growth at its TV stations.