Today in Social

It’s earnings season, and the New York Times posted its first quarter results. Overall digital advertising growth was a sluggish 4.5 percent to $84 million, and not enough to offset print declines. Digital ad sales were dragged down by the performance of, which was hurt by Google’s algorithm tweak. About’s revenues were down 10 percent to $31 million. On the bright side, outside of About, the Times’ digital ad sales were up almost 15 percent, and digital now accounts for 28 percent of company ad revenues. The Times also signed up 100,000 paying subscribers, a figure that got a “wow” from some observers and a “meh” from others. I’d say it’s closer to “wow,” with the caution that some of those subscribers were on a four-week 99-cent trial plan. The company also said subscriptions on Kindle and Nook were up 40 percent, and those are pricey $20/month plans.