4 Apps for HR Management in the Cloud

Increasingly, the information we use to manage our companies is moving to the cloud, and human resources is no exception. Here are several solutions that provide simple and affordable online employee management and tracking to save you time, money and effort.


TribeHR is one of the more robust platforms of all the options, providing many HR management tools in one app:

  • Vacation/leave tracking. Select, approve and track vacation and leave days, including earned and taken days. View vacation requests, as well as who is currently on vacation or leave.
  • Employee development. Set, track, and complete goals, privately or shared. Get feedback and peer input, and collect notes and comments for performance reviews. You can also securely store employee evaluations for future reference, and track and rank employee skills company-wide.
  • Employee notes and feedback. Privacy-controlled note-taking for employees and managers, as well as public employee recognition and company feedback.
  • Shared resources. Post and store files for employee access and viewing. You can even track who acknowledges viewing the files you post.
  • Job postings. Post available jobs for your organization and accept applications, make and share notes, and rank applicants.
  • Reports. Generate reports for taken/available vacation and sick time, goal progress, skills, and file reading acknowledgement.
TribeHR also provides data portability, so you can export your company information. Plans range from $19 per month for up to 15 users, going up to $399 per month for unlimited users. A free trial is available.


BambooHR is another powerful HR software option with several great features to help  you manage your employee data:

  • Employee records. Track employee information, such as contact information, dependents, emergency contacts, salary, and position history.
  • Vacation/leave Tracking. As with TribeHR, BambooHR allows the tracking and management of employee leave time and allows employees to request time off for manager approval. It also tracks leave time accruals and balances.
  • Training time tracking. Track one-time and recurring training, and even set due dates and alerts so that you can monitor employee training.
  • Benefit tracking. Track benefit eligibility and enrollment dates, plans and coverage, as well as employee and company contributions.
  • Online document storage. Store and share forms, applications, documents and performance reviews.
  • Reports. Generate employee data reports, including job and salary history, leave time used, turnover rate, and create your own custom reports using BambooHR’s filtering and sorting capabilities.

Plans range from $79 per moth for up to 50 employees, going up to $599 per month for 1,000 employees. A free trial is available.

Effortless HR

Effortless HR offers features to help you centralize and manage employee information:

  • Employee records/management. Save important employee information, including contact details, job information, benefits, skills, and performance data.
  • Employee portal. Employees can update information, request time off, and clock in or out from within the Effortless HR platform.
  • Employee email. Send company or department emails and announcements.
  • Time tracking. Employees can clock in or clock out through the online interface and can view the hours they’ve worked in a given week. Managers can export time reports to work with your payroll software.
  • File area. Share files with your entire company or with specific employees.
  • Reports. Import and export employee information.

Plans range from $29.95 per month for up to 19 employees, going up to $99.95 per month for up to 1,000 employees.


iEmployee provides web-based time and attendance management and tracking through four separate products (costs are not disclosed on the website).

  • Online paystubs. Provide paystub information online to eliminate printing and distribution costs. It also allows you to maintain an online archive of all paystubs for future reference.
  • Timesheets. With its online tracking system, iEmployee provides an easy way to process payroll and improve accuracy.
  • Vacation/leave tracking. Managers and employees are able to track vacation and sick time, and employees can request leave online for manager review and approval.
  • Time clocks. The online interface, as well as optional time clock hardware and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) telephony features, allow employees to clock in and out.

All the solutions outlined above provide the ability to track and manage employee information remotely, making human resources yet another aspect of your company that can be accessed and stored completely online.

How do you manage and track employees and HR data?

Photo courtesy Flickr user Alex E. Proimos