Mediabank Acquires DSP AdBuyer

Mediabank, one of a number of companies that is trying to expand the methods of online media buying to traditional media ad sales, has acquired demand-side platform called AdBuyer.

In essence, DSPs are tools that give agencies and marketers (i.e., the “demand side”) a bit of an advantage in bidding for ad placements at more attractive rates. The recovery of display ad spending in the past year also forced other changes in the way publishers approached ways of selling their premium and remnant inventory.

Separately, as internet advertising has become a more integral part of the agency structure, companies like Mediabank, Simulmedia and TRA have a emerged to apply the targeting and other disciplines of online marketing to TV.

With the purchase of AdBuyer, Chicago-based Mediabank will make the DSP available to clients through its MediaBank O|X and A|V media management systems. expand AdBuyer’s cross-channel capabilities across all major media, not just the web.

AdBuyer will be MediaBank’s third acquisition. In 2007, the company bought competitor Datatech. The purchase of MediaPlex Systems, followed the next year. AdBuyer CEO Tim Ogilvie becoming MediaBank’s new SVP of Product. Ogilvie will report to John Bauschard, president of MediaBank Marketplaces, the MediaBank division which houses M|Buy. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.