Fed Up With Yahoo Mail? Here’s Your Escape Hatch

Thursday’s Yahoo Mail blackout was the source of a lot of headaches, with some 1.2 million users said to be affected. As of press time, Yahoo’s (s yhoo) Wikipedia page has been vandalized (screenshot below), and anecdotal reports continue to pour in from users who haven’t had access to Yahoo Mail for more than eight hours. For its part, Yahoo is still mum on the exact source of the glitch.

Judging from reader feedback on GigaOM, Yahoo’s outage has a lot of people thinking about making the switch to another email client. We’ve scoured the web for the best information on backing up your email or moving to another mail provider, but it’s important to remember no email provider is perfect. Whether it’s because you’re fed up or just a little spooked, it’s always a good idea to back up your data in more than one place.

  • TrueSwitch is a third-party provider of email switching services. The company will copy your messages and contacts, forward your mail to your new address, and notify your contacts about the switch. TrueSwitch is free if you’re migrating to one of its sponsors, which include Gmail (s goog), AOL (s aol), Hotmail (s msft), Comcast (s cmcsa), and others.
  • Yippie Move supports migration between colleges and universities. The service costs $15 per account, but it covers a wider number of clients than TrueSwitch, like .edu email addresses at colleges and universities.