Ideas For Repurposing Your Old iMac

At the corner of Liberal Arts and Technology you may just find an iMac (s aapl) featured on the wall in place of a Van Gogh or Rembrandt. So if you’re looking for a way to use your existing iMac, in an effort to justify purchasing a new one, look no further than the bare spot on your wall.  It all starts with Apple’s VESA Mount Adapter Kit or the third-party iMac Wall Mount.

Mounting Your iMac to the Wall

Using either the Apple kit, or the third-party variant, you can transition your free-standing iMac into a VESA compliant monitor that will mount to any VESA compliant wall mount.  You will need to purchase a seperate VESA mount to attach the iMac to the wall.  This kit only enables the iMac to be used with a VESA mount, it is not the mount itself.  Be sure to check to see if your iMac is compatible with the kit before purchasing.  The older 20-inch and 21.5-inch “Aluminum” iMac models for instance will not work with Apple’s official solution, but the third-party option will.  You may also what to hire an electrician of you are looking to hide the wires behind the wall, or to install a power outlet behind your iMac. You can use the built-in AirPort wireless networking capability to connect to your home network.  Once you have your iMac mounted, there are a few content and use options available to you.

Home Sharing, Print Server and More

Your wall-mounted Mac can provide a number of functions, especially if it’s always on. It can act as your Home Sharing or DLNA media server, AirPrint server (via Printopia), and even an implementation of a WebDAV file share for all of your iOS devices. You can even configure Back to My Mac as a quick and easy way to implement a means to check out the homestead when you are away, by logging on and turning on the built-in iSight camera in PhotoBooth.

Fish Bowls, Weather Reports and Slideshows

A wall-mounted Mac is also a prime canvas for displaying great video and animated content.  One of my all time favorites for this type of thing is SereneScreen’s Marine Aquarium.  With this screen saver you can create a realistic enough fish bowl without all of the mess.  Additionally you could look towards a more functional screen saver like The Weather Channel’s screen saver. Some of the built-in screen savers that come with the Mac will allow you to display a slideshow of your favorite family photos, or other local content.

Buck Rogers Video Phone

Like a scene right out of an old science fiction movie, this wall mounted iMac can also become its very own video phone.  You could create a dedicated iTunes ID, or use a family e-mail account as the means to activate FaceTime.  Just be mindful of the amount of bandwidth this solution may require.  If you are going to actually use the iMac mounted on the wall, you may want to consider getting one of Twelve South’s Magic Wands to connect a Wireless Keyboard with a Magic Pad in one easy to use package.