WSJ Creates Web-Based Subscription Service For CFOs

The Wall Street Journal is drilling down on niche audiences and is now selling subscriptions to a web-based news service aimed at chief financial officers and similar executives. CFO Journal is the latest in a series of subscription offerings intended to appeal to Dow Jones (NSDQ: NWS) core financial professional reader, even as the WSJ has sought to expand into more general news coverage in order to attract a wider range of users and advertisers.

Subscriptions for the CFO Journal will cost $49 a month (which adds up to $588 for a full year). To build interest in the product, subs will get full access to CFO Journal through August 1. In addition to the website, CFO Journal will be delivered each morning to subs via e-mail.

The CFO Journal joins an existing lineup of niche publications, including the Wall Street Journal Professional Edition, DJ FX Trader and Dow Jones Investment Banker. A subscription to CFO Journal is $49 per month, while current subscribers to get full access until August 1.

In turn, CFO Journal do get few extras for that $49 monthly fee. In addition to full access to, they’ll also get use of Factiva SmartSearch. Users can also customize news alerts and company profiles for relevant industries and topics, as well as monitor real-time market data.

In addition to driving revenue from another subscription product, Dow Jones has lined up Deloitte LLP to sponsor a regular stream of “CFO-centric content” and features, including research, topical digests, perspectives, and insights and technical analyses, as part of the launch.