As If The Switch From AOL News To HuffPo Isn’t Confusing Enough

*AOL* News, consistently among the top news sites, is making way for The Huffington Post, a victim of the $315 million acquisition of the younger site. It’s confusing enough right now for those used to going to the site (no matter how much HuffPo plays it down, it did have millions of users — more than 47 million in March 2011, according to ComScore) and instead being redirected to, where they’re urged to use their AOL (NYSE: AOL) IDs to sign up for HuffPost Social News.

Imagine then when they see a large Flash ad featuring a butterfly and the message that everything that matters — news, local info, lifestyle, entertainment — is all in one place: MSN. The ad transforms into a banner, politely offering a replay, and comes with some companion display ads.

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