Taptu Launching Tablet-Optimized News Reader App For Android

At a time when Android tablets are having a tough time carving out a spot in an iPad-dominated world, Taptu has decided that it is ready to release a version of its news-reader application optimized specifically for Android tablets.

CEO Mitch Lazar said that even though it’s pretty clear that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has the tablet market mostly to itself at the moment, the effort needed to expand Taptu’s Android application for phones into one designed specifically for the larger screen wasn’t taxing enough to hold the company back. The new tablet application supports up to 100 RSS feeds–up from 30 on the Android phone app–and works with Instapaper to flag news articles for later reading.

“Android customers are incredibly loyal,” Lazar said, while emphasizing that iOS of course remains the “category leader” when it comes to mobile tablet development. However, as Android tablets start to arrive with better prices he predicted that interest would grow, allowing Taptu to have an early edge as rivals trying to build new services around mobile computing expand into Android tablets.

Taptu lets mobile users customize a stream of incoming news feeds and feeds from social networks on their displays, also letting them search for new news content and sources. There’s no shortage of companies trying to develop a news-reading experience specifically for tablets, including Flipboard and News.me, a new service backed by The New York Times.