CNN Money Redesign Mimics Tablet Experience

CNNMoney, the online hub for Fortune and Money magazines, has overhauled its site to adjust to the look and feel of a tablet screen. In conjunction with the revamp, CNNMoney is expanding its partnership with investment news social net StockTwits and Wikinvest’s new porfolio tracker SigFig.

In creating the new site, CNN Money is taking a slightly different tack than most publishers these days. While just about every website has an tablet app extension, CNN Money is eschewing that route. It’s simply going for the tablet look — after all, Fortune magazine already has an iPad app — to make it more visually appealing to readers who are increasingly used to gliding from story to story on one page.

Under the webpage’s fold, the site will also begin to form a more blog-like layout, which larger headlines — and social media prominently displayed around them. Again, the effort is meant to provide more speed and less clutter. In addition, expect more coverage of tech news on the site.

“The goal is to create a single user experience within a page,” says CNNMoney’s EVP/VP Chris Peacock in an interview with paidContent. “Our readers demand markets and tech coverage in one place. And the new layout makes that more clear.”

The news “river” as the blog-like flow of stories is called, will also integrate sponsored posts as well, adds John Cantarella, president, Digital of the Time Inc. (NYSE: TWX) News Group

Lastly, the redesign is also intended to place greater emphasis on Fortune and Money as distinct brands. In addition to presenting the brands that is intended to follow more closely to the appearance and feel of the magazine, Fortune’s finance coverage will have a larger presence on the new site in a new channel called Term Sheet, which features rich reporting on banking, economics, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions and private equity.

Fortune as a digital brand makes sense to us in house, but it hasn’t always made sense to CNN Money readers, in terms of way Fortune was baked into the site,” says Dan Roth, Fortune Digital’s managing editor. “That will change with this redesign.”

Separately, this all comes on the heel’s of last week’s release of the Fortune 500-Plus web-based app, which comes in a free, basic version and a premium option, which costs $9.99 for a full year’s access.

“It’s not that we haven’t considered premium content before,” Cantarella says. “But with tech traffic rising over 80 percent in March from the year before, we’re doing pretty well and don’t want to choke that off. Still, we’re always talking about different things we can do with the site and more apps… expect new features to be rolled out over the next few months.”