Dropdo: Online File Sharing With Built-In Viewing Tools

Want to share a file with colleagues or clients, but aren’t sure whether they have the necessary software to open it? Dropdo is a simple online file sharing service that has built-in viewing tools for many different file formats. Upload a document, image, code, audio or video file in one of the formats that it supports, and Dropdo will host the file and display it online. If Dropdo does not support the format, it will simply host the file and make it downloadable, much like any other file sharing service.

While Google Docs (s goog) and some file sync services like box.net also have file viewing tools, Dropdo offers very simple and quick “one-stop” service to share files in a wide variety of different formats, and it doesn’t require users to sign up to upload or view documents.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a comprehensive list of supported file types on the website, but according to a Hacker News post the developer made to announce the app, it will display images, videos (a few formats), audio (a few formats), plain text, markdown, source code files (with syntax highlighting for all of the languages supported by Pygments), and all the formats that Google’s document viewer supports (PowerPoint (s msft), Word, Excel, PDF, Photoshop PSD, and more).

Dropdo is free. Files up to 25 Mb can be uploaded, and there are extensions available for Chrome and Firefox. A potential issue with the service is that the only way to delete uploaded files currently is to email the developer; the FAQ notes that user accounts are in the works, and registered users will then be able to delete their own files.

(via Lifehacker)