Necto Offers Socially-Enabled Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions company Panorama Software has announced the release of a socially-enabled BI platform, Necto, to more effectively connect internal team members and stakeholders with company data. Think of Necto as way of putting reports and insights at the heart of a company’s internal communications and social interactions to help break down silos and improve access to important data across departments.

Whereas most current corporate social networking tools, such as Yammer and Socialtext, are based around people, skills and interests, Necto starts with business data and makes connections based on who knows about, or is interested in, that data. Using the standard social networking model of being able to “follow” someone, anyone within a company can follow other users to see what they are doing in terms of publishing, accessing and commenting on company information.

Like any integrated internal business intelligence system, Necto gives users a view of what is going on within their company, what they should be concerned about, and helps them hone in on the areas in their business where action is required, speeding up response time to help companies become more efficient. The system also has smart features that can suggest new items of internal company data that may be of interest, based on who a user is following.

Necto also uses the information it tracks about the information individual users are accessing and commenting on to suggest other users who are looking for similar data insights.With the social features integration, everyone has the opportunity to share relevant information more easily and with more up-to-date and relevant information at one’s fingertips, productivity improves.

Taking the approach of starting with the data and then providing context and connecting the right people adds a social layer to business intelligence. Necto’s “One Click Insights” helps to pinpoint issues such as dips in product sales. The system also has time-saving “Cause and Effect” features to help identify the causes of these issues based on the underlying data.

Necto offers self-serve data mining and report generation, allowing individuals to generate their own custom views of the data without having to wait on someone else to run a report for them. It also lets users create collaborative “workboards” and visual presentations to provide better context as they put together ad-hoc business teams to address internal issues. The system is scalable, and customers currently using Panorama’s NovaView product can easily migrate to Necto.