News On Your Block: Google News Adds Mobile Location-Aware Feed

It’s been a rough month for location-aware services but Google (NSDQ: GOOG) News is rolling out a new feature on its mobile Web site that lets smartphone see what kinds of stories are breaking near their location.

Google News Near You is simply that: a list of headlines curated by Google News that uses your location as a signal for what to display. Google made sure to emphasize that mobile Web surfers (works on iPhone and Android phones, but apparently not tablets) have to opt into the feature, perhaps mindful of the recent unease over how mobile phones collect and store location-aware data.

Google has offered the option to customize Google News by location for some time, but this is feature will allow that section to change with your travels, rather than always surfacing hometown news when on a business trip to another city. Visitors to the mobile site will be asked if they want to share their location with Google News the next time they visit the site, and the feature can be turned off later.