Former Pirate King Embraces Web Video

BiTorrent wouldn’t be as popular as it is today if it weren’t for, one of the first and arguably the first really big torrent site., which launched in 2002, made it easy to download Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows and software. The success of the site inspired countless others to start sites like The Pirate Bay, and

It also made Hollywood and other rights holders aware of BitTorrent, resulting in mounting legal pressure. Suprnova’s adminĀ Andrej Preston a.k.a. Sloncek eventually decided to shut it down in late 2004 — that is, until now. relaunched this spring, but the site now features original web video productions instead of Hollywood flicks. I sat down with Preston to talk about lessons learned and plans for Suprnova’s future. Check it out:


The new incarnation of is producing and distributing a number of shows, including Torrentfreak TV and a show based on the site Preston told me that the idea is to give these shows as much exposure as possible, which is why he is also once again embracing BitTorrent to distribute the videos. “Those are the sites that people visit to get content,” he said about torrents sites.

Preston told me that the years as the admin of were definitely tough, especially because of the bad press he received. However, he thinks that in the end, the industry and consumers benefited from this early wave of BitTorrent piracy. “Without Suprnova, there would be no instant Netflix”, (s NFLX) he said, adding: “There would be no $0.99 iTunes (s AAPL) rentals.”