@ pcMobile: Clearing The Hurdles On Golden Road To Mobile Ads

With the unquestioned growth in mobile platforms and the penchant for free services on mobile devices and services, one would think mobile advertising would be enormous. But according to panelists at pc Mobile 2011, mobile advertisers and companies looking to build mobile ad technology are having just as much trouble as their app developer colleagues managing fragmentation and measurement.
During a panel moderated by paidContent’s David Kaplan, representatives of the Internet Advertising Bureau, mobile app network Zumobi, and Tapad, a technology developer for those looking to target multiple devices, asserted that the mobile ad opportunity is there for many of their clients and partners. However, a few things need to fall into place before the mobile ad market, at around $1 billion in yearly revenue, draws closer to the $26 billion a year spent on online advertising in general.
Anna Bager, IAB: Most of the work done by the IAB on mobile has been around developing the same set of standard ad units that it has developed for the broader online world. Mobile makes it tricky to get right, she said, but the IAB has just released guidelines for how mobile ads should be implemented to allow advertisers to target multiple devices with their ads, instead of having to rebuild an ad unit for each new device or browser. Coming soon: guidelines for in-app advertising.
Brenda Walker, Zumobi: Mobile advertising has the potential to be among the most engaging of ad technologies but technology hurdles can prevent brands from attaining the full realm of possibilities. One key is finding the right technology talent to build your ad content for yourself or your clients, Walker said, as well as making sure you are honest and up front about the type of data your ad collects and stores. “Consumers expect choice. If we provide them with that, it’s sometimes surprising what they will choose to give us.”
Are Traasdahl, Tapad: Targeted ads are more lucrative for publishers and beneficial to advertisers, and mobile allows ads to be extremely targeted , especially when you consider localized ads that ensure you can reach the exact audience you seek. Tapad has built technology that it claims allows its partners to target consumers across a range of devices and usage models, but it has to be a two-way street: “It really needs to start with the consumer on the mobile device. To have a positive value exchange with the consumer, have to get something positive back from the user.” And the best way to do that is to give them something positive, he said.