@ pcMobile: Sunny Skies Over The Weather Channel’s Mobile Strategy

Everybody’s talking about the weather, but contrary to the old adage, Mike Kelly, president and CEO of The Weather Channel Companies is actually doing something about it: putting weather-related information at the fingertips of an astounding number of mobile users
Kelly rattled off the numbers onstage at pc Mobile 2011 in an interview with Editor Staci Kramer. Mobile users use The Weather Channel’s application 26 days a month. Mobile users downloaded 30 million of the company’s applications in 2010. It reaches 35 million people who access the company’s services from their TVs, their PCs, and their mobile devices all in the same breath. During one period recently the company launched 10 separate apps in 11 weeks.
“We’ve got this incredible opportunity across all screens,” Kelly said. Unlike earlier panelists who bemoaned platform fatigue, Kelly’s engineers and product development managers are pushing into just about every mobile platform they can find. “Device manufacturers seek us out,” he said, noting that The Weather Channel was one of the few companies Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) worked with on the launch of the iPad.
And those users are attractive to advertisers. The Weather Channel has more than tripled the amount of business it does with companies who buy ads across all of its different offerings, from television advertising to mobile ads, Kelly said.