Mobile Lowdown 5-23-11: Foxconn; iPhone 5 Curve; Rooted Android; Paramount

Our look at some of the big stories in mobile today: more details on the Foxconn factory explosion; reports of a curvaceous future for the iPhone; ‘rooted’ Android devices barred from Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Movies service; Paramount launches full-length movie apps for Windows Phone 7; and BlackBerry Partners Fund invests in a games publisher that focusses on iOS (for now).
Foxconn: More details emerging on the explosion we first wrote about on Friday. Read the update here.
iPhone 5: The latest rumor is that the next iPhone will feature curved rather than flat glass. DigiTimes reports that cover glass makers are reluctant to invest in the specialized equipment to make these devices, but that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has itself has purchased 200-300 machines for these glass makers to use. If true, Apple will not be the first to try out a curved screen on a handset: Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson’s Xperia Arc, launched earlier this year, features a curved glass face.
Rooted Android: Looks like another penalty is emerging for breaking out of jail… Turns out that Android handset users who have “rooted” their devices (jailbreaking in iOS parlance) will not be able to watch movies from Google’s new Android Market movie rental service. This, says Android support, is because of “requirements related to copyright protection.” The blog Android Central notes that it’s likely the Android rooting community will find a workaround for this restriction.
WP7 movie apps: Meanwhile, those who use Windows Phone 7 are also getting an injection of films, but in the form of apps. Paramount Pictures has put 10 films, including Mean Girls, True Grit and Zoolander, into the WP7 Marketplace, with each of them running as a single paid app. Paramount started this scheme back in December, and lets users of the apps share clips, play trivia games and access other related information.
Fuse Powered: The mobile gaming startup Fuse Powered has received $2 million in seed funding from the BlackBerry Partners Fund, with NFQ Ventures also participating. For the moment, Fuse concentrates not on RIM-supposed operating systems, but iOS, used in the iPhone and iPad (via MBB).