Moxie Software’s Spaces Gets New Mobile, Video and Search Features

Moxie Software’s Employee Spaces provides social and collaboration tools for larger organizations. It was developed in cooperation with design consultancy IDEO and can add a “social layer” to legacy enterprise systems, such as ERP, CRM and HR tools. The company has announced several major enhancements to the product, including:

  • A new browser-based version of Spaces that’s optimized for mobile and tablet use, allowing mobile users to share and collaborate anywhere. Mobile users can post status updates, follow an activity stream, upload images, find and connect with colleagues via phone, email and Skype, interact with groups and projects, and perform searches. A native iPhone (s aapl) application is to be released in June, with BlackBerry (s rimm) and other apps to follow.
  • The addition of rich video and media sharing capabilities, including the ability for users to upload videos in more than 100 video formats, which are then converted into MP4 for embedding into various areas of an organization’s Spaces site.
  • Improvements to the search and recommendation functions of the platform. Users can search for information across all types of content, regardless of whether the information is within Employee Spaces itself or within an external application such as SharePoint (s msft). Users may also add other data sources in which to search.
  • Employees can now display their online presence in real-time through integration with Skype. Skype’s voice, chat and video capabilities may also be used to enhance collaboration directly within Employee Spaces. Other third-party communication apps can also be integrated.

Moxie will be hoping that these new features can help to maintain its share in an increasingly crowded “social business” market, especially with competition such as TIBCO’s tibbr also now able to integrate with legacy enterprise systems.