Fujitsu Brings Its Cloud to North America

Server vendor and services provider Fujitsu is bringing its global cloud computing platform to North America beginning May 31. The offering will be an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud complete with computing, storage and networking delivered via a self-service portal.
Fujitsu will operate its cloud out of its new, energy-efficient data center in Sunnyvale, Calif., bringing to North America the same service already available in Singapore, Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. The press release announcing the news states Fujitsu’s IaaS cloud “is built on open standards with published APIs and includes 24/7 global support for the infrastructure platform.”
North American customers can use the cloud for free until Aug. 31; it becomes generally available on Sept. 1.
It will be interesting to see if Fujitsu, which sells a lot of servers globally but hasn’t really been able to break into the North American market, will be able to do so in cloud computing. In offering IaaS, Fujitsu will be competing against pure-play clouds such as Amazon Web Services ( s amzn), Rackspace (s rax) and GoGrid, as well as against services-focused clouds such as Verizon/Terremark (s vz), IBM (s ibm), and forthcoming offerings from HP (s hpq) and Dell (s dell).
Fujitsu’s best chance for distinguishing itself and gaining North American traction will be innovating on enterprise-friendly features, something we’ll be discussing in more detail next month at Structure 2011 in San Francisco. As public cloud computing becomes a legitimate option for large companies, cloud providers that address these customers’ concerns around security, performance and availability will be at an advantage in winning their business.