PBworks Gets a Better Interface for Improved Collaboration

Hosted business collaboration suite PBworks (see our previous coverage here) has received a major update, aimed at improving the scalability and security of the app while also delivering a much more intuitive interface. The “Next Generation” version of the app takes advantage of newer web technologies like HTML5 to deliver a faster, more streamlined and engaging real-time collaborative experience. Significant improvements to the product include:

  • The ability to scale a single corporate account to include thousands of individual workspaces and store multiple terabytes of data.
  • A streamlined, cleaner user interface reduces the number of clicks required for common actions and allows for around 25 percent more content per screen. It uses contextual controls to make the product simpler and more intuitive without reducing functionality.
  • Universal “faceted” search. Users can refine search results by a wide variety of parameters, including file type and who last edited the document.
  • Off-the-shelf LDAP integration, including regular synchronization of user profile information and photos.
  • Structured workspace-level properties to allow complex management reporting, filtering and searching
  • Secure sharing of video files, regardless of format.
  • Detailed usage reports and graphs, broken down by workspace, file and user.

This update is the most significant change to the product since 2008, when it was still named PBwiki. The enterprise collaboration market, and browser technology, has moved on a long way since then, with many new and innovative collaboration products being launched by firms ranging from software giants like IBM (s ibm) to startups like Cohuman.  The improved scalability and user experience delivered by this major update should help the company to maintain its share in an increasingly competitive and fast-moving market.
The “next generation” PBworks is available immediately at no additional cost to existing customers.