Punktilio, Another Social Marketing Specialist, Bought By Digital Agency

Here’s the fourth social media marketing M&A news we’ve written so far this week (and it’s only Wednesday)…
Punktilio, an agency co-founded by former Bebo exec Hal Stokes, is selling to the larger Essence agency. Both are London-based. No terms disclosed.
Punktilio’s website blares: “Punktilio is a specialist social media agency.” And Essence’s also shouts Punktilio are “social specialists”. But Bebo founder Michael Birch, a Punktilio investor, says: “Hal and (brother) Sam have done a fantastic job with Punktilio but in my mind there will be no room for a ‘specialist social media agency’ in two years.
“The future is all about joined up thinking and a new home with Essence is absolutely the right move for all involved.”
There is consolidation happening in marketing, as digital agencies buy up social specialists, and the big marketing agencies buy up digital agencies.
Punktilio claims Syco, Arsenal and Yo! Sushi amongst its clients. It is being “immediately integrated” in to Essence.