KnowledgeTree Debuts Android App for Cloud Document Management

KnowledgeTree, a service that lets users collaborate on and manage documents in the cloud, is now offering an app for Android phones and tablets (s goog), with automatic synchronization between mobile and desktop devices.
The KnowledgeTree service lets organizations manage and collaborate on documents, and specializes in collaboration within Microsoft Office (s msft). It offers features that documents anywhere; manage, co-author and share documents; make documents secure; and manage document lifecycles. The company says that it is interested in competing with the enterprise-oriented document management system offered by The app also has have some similarities to cloud file sync provider Dropbox, and to document security service WatchDox, although security is not its primary focus.
The new Android app is part of a new release called KnowledgeTree Cloud 2.0. The app lets users:

  • View, manage and securely access documents
  • Sync┬ádocuments between the cloud and the desktop
  • Manage document workflow and versioning

The interface of the pre-release version of the Android app that the company sent me to try out is pretty bare-bones. You can search documents through the app’s search function, and view and edit documents using whatever tools are installed on your device; the app does not include a viewer.
Setup and security are not as friendly as I would like. The service seems to have separate passwords for the app itself, the KnowledgeTree account, and the cloud-based vault. Unfortunately, the app’s screens provide no explanation of what the differences are. It’s too easy to go back too many screens, and be forced to log in again. While I can appreciate the need for security, busy mobile workers will probably not appreciate multiple logins. Also, it does not appear to be possible to create a KnowledgeTree account from within the app; that must be done from the company’s website.
If your company is already using KnowledgeTree, of course, mobile access via the new Android app will be useful. If you are not a KnowledgeTree user, you can try it at no charge for 14 days. KnowledgeTree has several plans, beginning at $86 per month for 20GB of shared storage and unlimited users.