Blinkx Is Coming to a TV Near You

Video search and ads firm Blinkx (s BLNX) rolled out a new channel for Roku devices Thursday, making its index of premium videos available through the broadband set-top box for the first time. The announcement comes as Blinkx is expanding its presence to reach the big screen, taking videos from its content partners and displaying them on connected devices.
The app has four categories to browse through: Sports, News, Popular and Fun, all of which draw from Blinkx’s premium content partners. While the company started as just a video search engine, over the past few years, Blinkx has shifted its business model to also offer an ad network to publishers. The company claims more than 720 content partners and an index of more than 35 million hours of video and audio content. While those partners were featured on Blinkx’s site, as well as having ads delivered into videos on their own properties, Blinkx is now extending their reach to other devices.
Roku isn’t the first device partner to get a Blinkx app; the company introduced an application for Boxee earlier this year, and is providing video search, recommendation and personalization features on Amino set-top boxes. To accelerate adoption on TVs and other devices, it has also made a connected TV API available that will allow other CE manufacturers to quickly introduce apps that include Blinkx content partners.
For Blinkx, the addition of connected device distribution will enable it to serve up video — and more importantly, ads — to a highly engaged audience in the living room. As more viewers begin watching over-the-top video on those devices, that could help boost revenues for companies like Blinkx. Already, it saw its top-line sales nearly double in its fiscal year 2011 earnings report, and with the acquisition of Burst Media announced last month, that growth could accelerate even more.