Makes Organizing and Running Meetings Easier

Successfully coordinating meetings over email can be tricky, particularly if attendees are located in other cities, or even other timezones. As well as distributing an agenda, you need to make sure everyone’s aware of the correct meeting time and location and has up-to-date meeting materials, and also get minutes to everyone after the meeting is done. is a collaborative tool that is hoping to make organizing meetings easier. It handles meeting invitations and also provides an online space for the meeting where attendees can share notes and materials and obtain the agenda.

To make using the app as frictionless as possible, users don’t have to log in to use it; attendees are sent a meeting invitation via email that will add the meeting to their calendar and also contains a unique URL to access the shared online meeting space. They can fill out their profile using data from their Facebook account if they wish, but it’s not required.
Each meeting has its own dedicated meeting page, which contains information about the meeting (time, date, location, attendees), as well as allowing users to upload materials (files and documents) as well as access the agenda and share meeting notes. Updates are made in real-time, allowing all participants to see notes taken during the meeting. Materials can also be uploaded to the meeting space without logging into the app by emailing them to special address. A nice touch is that during the meeting the meeting page’s footer contains a progress bar that lets users know how long the meeting has left to run. competes with yaM, a similar online meeting tool that I’ve written about previously. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that yaM does — there’s no online whiteboard, drawing or voting tools, for example — but for many meetings yaM’s extra features aren’t necessary, and’ simpler interface should make it easier to use. is currently in private beta; you can request an invite at the homepage.