Intel Deal, Universal Controller Bring OnLive to Connected TVs

Cloud gaming startupĀ OnLive is a few steps closer to bringing its streaming video game service to new TVs and Blu-ray players, thanks to a partnership with Intel (s INTC) and the release of a universal controller designed to work with various connected devices.
The Intel partnership, which is being announced ahead of next week’s E3 video game confab, will embed OnLive technology onto Intel CE4100 Embedded Processors. That means TVs, Blu-ray players and other devices using the Intel consumer electronics chipset will soon have access to the video game service, expanding availability to tens of millions of new devices.
But streaming to the TV is just one piece of enabling users to play cloud-based video games. Users also need a way to control those games. So OnLive is releasing a new universal controller designed to work with just about any connected device. The controller works either by establishing a direct wireless connection, or through a USB dongle connected to the device.
The combination of announcements means that OnLive — which is currently available through PCs and Macs (s aapl), as well as the OnLive MicroConsole — will be accessible and playable on a number of new devices. According to OnLive Director of Corporate Communications Brian Jaquet, the company expects the service to be accessible on more than 25 million connected TVs by the end of the year, as well as 50 million Blu-ray players. That kind of scale could instantly make OnLive a competitor to traditional console gaming.